Brews Summer Style 2020: Ep. 7 – Honky Tonk Hazefest and Mayday’s Kolschal Distancing


Honkey Tonk Brewing Co.’s Hazefest IPA & Mayday Brewery’s Kolschal Distancing

In today’s episode of #BrewsSummerStyle, Jayson and Matt crack open two local beers for a special 2-for-1 Tuesday.

Starting off with the Honky Tonk Hazefest, the guys note that this brew would fall into the New England IPA category. This IPA is made unique with its cloudy, hazy taste with a tropical twist. This beer is perfect for people who want a nice IPA, but also enjoy a light fruity addition.

Honky Tonk Brewery is located in the metrocenter area of Nashville, and their beer is available directly off their website for free delivery or curbside pickup.

Up next, they crack open Mayday’s Kolschal Distancing beer. If you sometimes can’t help but base a book off its cover, this beer will win you over at first glance! The striking blue can features a great design sure to catch your eye. Upon first taste, the flavors pull through to be even more impressive than the packaging. The beer experts note the wheat taste in this German beer. They even talk about envisioning themselves drinking this beer on a boat or the beach from its refreshing taste & crisp flavors.

Mayday is a Murfreesboro brewery, and these beers will be the next to hit the supermarket shelves. If you can’t wait until then, your local beer stop is sure to have your Kolschal Distancing needs!

Check out the video below to catch the full scoop! Then let us know what you think!

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Written by Clara Lueckenhoff