Oskar Blues “Double Dale’s American Double IPA” – Brews in Bloom 2022


This hump day, Jayson and Matt are seeing double! Today’s beer is Double Dale’s American Double IPA from Oskar Blues. Fun fact: Oskar Blues was the first brewery to sell their beers exclusively in cans. Their new Double Dale’s IPA is based on their first beer, Dale’s Pale Ale, but is an entirely new formula. This unique brew was created to celebrate Oskar Blues’ 20th anniversary. It’s smooth and refreshing, with all the tropical and bitter notes expected from an IPA. Double Dale’s has an ABV of 9%, sitting comfortably at the higher end of the scale.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another great springtime brew, but until then, check out the full episode below. You can also catch our interviews live on the radio at 6:30am weekdays with a replay at 6:30pm. Cheers!