the615 The Christmas Episode


Episode25. The615 12/25/12 The Christmas Episode

Consensus Pick: Jeremy Lister– Santa Lost His Mojo

Dj Picks
Hammel – Kyle Andrews – I Don’t Want A Lump of Coal – Damn Baby, Your Cold
Wells – Humming House– Winter Dress- Music City Unsigned Family Christmas Vol.2

Traditional Christmas Songs:
Derek Hoke & Jen Duke– Winter Wonderland- An East Nashville Christmas
David Spencer & Scott Cash- Oh Come All Ye Faithfull
Graham Stoner- Do You Hear What I Hear?

Original Christmas Songs:
Marie Hines– Home- Music City Unsigned Family Christmas Vol.2
Sugar & the Hi-lows – Snow Angel- Snow Angel
The Nobility-I’ve Got a Present For you-I’ve Got a Present For you
Aron Wright
– Christmas Ain’t Christmas This Year

The Electric Hearts – O Holy Night- Music City Unsigned