the615 – 02/26/24


This week on the615, Casey introduces Creature Comfort as our new Local Artist of the Week! He also plays tracks from Phillip-Michael Scales, The Foxies, Genevieve Hayward and many more. Tune in every Monday and Saturday from 6pm to 8pm for the615! Special thanks to our sponsors Daddy’s Dogs and SEA Institute!

  • Phillip-Michael Scales “Light Up The Sky”
  • Boy Orbison “Bon Voyage”
  • Sugarlegg “Bird Inside A Cage”
  • The Foxies “Summer Never Dies” (Live @ L100)
  • Creature Comfort “If Not For You”
  • Daniel Donato “Dance In The Desert”
  • Genevieve Heyward “Lame”
  • Mickey Commodore “I Wanna Rule The World”
  • Stray Arcade “Wandering Eyes”
  • Sewing Club “Too Well”
  • The Atomic Age “Heart”
  • Lovetta “Vuja De”
  • Hello Darling “Holy Water”
  • Eva Cassel “Elliott”
  • Post Sex Nachos “Talk About It”
  • Birdtalker “Holly Roller Coaster”
  • Calico Mantra “Money For Dope”
  • Big, If True “Lake Murray”
  • Annie Sherer “Doll”
  • Gabrielle Grace “Doll”
  • Brother and The Hayes “Something To Find”
  • Meg Elsier “Iznotreal”
  • Romcom “Mess You Made”
  • Pale Lungs “Bend”
  • Flyin’ Hot Saucers “Ollantaytambo”
  • Tim McNary “Lose Your Love”
  • Wesley Dean “Don’t Look Back”
  • Molly Frances “Room For Now”
  • Maren Morris “Dancing With Myself”