Intern Picks of the Week – Live on the Green 2022


It’s that time of the year! On Monday, Lightning 100 announced the official Live on the Green 2022 lineup and we’ve decided to celebrate accordingly. Check out the interns’ favorite tracks from a few of the incredible artists and bands on this year’s lineup!

Jules’ Pick

Tayls – “Like a Dog”

My pick this week is “Like a Dog” by Tayls! Tayls is an East Nashville-based band whose description of their genre, “friendship punk”, perfectly encapsulates the unique and visionary tunes they create. This eight-member power-pop band is fronted by Taylor Cole, who has a knack for lightheartedly expressing vulnerability within his music and putting on an unforgettable show. Cole is joined by longtime friends and talented musicians Greg Dorris, Atticus Swartwood, Mo Balsam, Jessey Dee Clerk, Jo Cleary, Andy Heath, and Michael Taylor. In 2021, Tayls was chosen as Lightning 100’s Local Artist of the Week. This year, Tayls will be joining a number of well-known acts for Lightning 100’s Live on the Green!

“Like a Dog” is the fourth track on Tayls’ 2021 album Have You Ever? I’ve Always. The song, laced with sweet harmonies, airy keys, and the invigorating sound of Cleary’s violin, discusses the idea of feeling stuck in life—something many people can relate to. Instead of taking the easy, sad song route for such a topic, Cole takes an inspirational approach to the song with his grit, group vocals, and lyrics. In the song, Cole expresses an opposition to succumbing to life’s mundaneness singing, “I refuse to live my life like a dog rolling over.” 

The music of Tayls is the embodiment of making the most out of life. While there will always be hardships, it’s how you deal with them that makes the biggest difference. Whether that’s through practicing positivity and kindness, being authentic, surrounding yourself with the things that bring you joy, or turning to the friends who love you, Tayls shows us that no hardship is too big to face. Check out the official lyric video for “Like a Dog” below!

Sarah’s Pick

Colony House – “Waiting for my Time to Come”

My pick for this week is “Waiting for my Time to Come” off Colony House’s debut album When I Was Younger. This song perfectly mixes nostalgia with my favorite genre: the windows down, movie montage driving anthem. The track is loud, free and wildly beautiful. 

The Franklin-founded band has played Live on the Green before and this year they’ll hit the Main Stage on Friday, Sept. 2 ahead of Moon Taxi. 

And until Colony House plays all my favorite songs at Public Square Park, I’ll be blasting “Waiting for my Time to Come” from my Chevy speakers every chance I get. 

Yvette’s Pick

Yola – “Dancing Away In Tears”

If there’s one thing I love, it’s music that makes me want to dance. That’s why “Dancing Away In Tears” by Yola is my intern pick of the week! From the second this track starts, it glitters with a disco-groove that sounds straight out of the seventies. Yola’s voice is absolutely gorgeous, and she is someone you definitely won’t want to miss at this year’s festival. Yola is a Grammy nominated singer and songwriter from Bristol, England who now calls Nashville home. Her latest album, 2021’s Stand For Myself, was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys at his Easy Eye Studio right here in Nashville. Fun fact—she is a frequent collaborator with fellow Live On The Green artist Sheryl Crow! Listen to “Dancing Away In Tears”, and be sure to dance the night away at Yola’s Live On The Green set at the Main Stage on September 5th! 

Christina’s Pick

Sheryl Crow – “If It Makes You Happy”

My pick this week is Sheryl Crow’s iconic song, “If It Makes You Happy.” The track was originally on Crow’s 1996 self-titled album, and  is now featured on the Nashville native’s 2022 double-album soundtrack, Sheryl: Music From the Feature Documentary. The accompanying musically-driven documentary expands on Crow’s journey to becoming a ‘legacy artist.’ Crow says, “ It’s sort of a sideways compliment. It’s like, ‘OK, you’ve stood the test of time but also you’re old and you just haven’t gone away.’” 

I, like many, am glad that Crow hasn’t ‘gone away.’ The latest album acts as a reminder of the timelessness of Crow’s work. I remember Crow’s 2017 performance at Live on the Green. It was my first time at the festival, and I was astounded by the size of the crowd that had gathered to see Crow’s set. Crow’s music brings people together, and I am so excited to witness another legendary performance!