LOTG Interview with Grizfolk, Devon Gillfillian, Los Coast


These three amazing artists played Live on the Green Saturday night along with the likes of Wild Love, Laura Reed, and Creature Comfort! Our DJ’s were lucky to have a chance to speak with them backstage.

Grizfolk shares what they’ve been up to since moving back to Nashville and their album “Rarest of Birds” which came out earlier this year. They also let us know that they’ll be releasing some tour dates soon enough and even hint at some Nashville dates. Stay tuned!

Grizfolk talks about Nashville, dog parks, and future tour dates!

Devon Gillfillian comes down to the interview tent and tells us what he’s done to stay busy this summer and how he decompresses after a week of shows! Sharing how excited he is for all of his future tour dates, he reminisces on past Live on the Green shows.

Hanging out at Muscle Shoals, how to relax on tour, and plenty of Gillfillian puns.

Ending the feud between Austin and Nashville, Texas natives Los Coast recap their cross country tour this past year. Going out with other musicians in the fall, they share their excitement to play venues such as the Red Rocks and show everyone their album “Samsara“.

Birthdays, cross country tours, and ending a feud…

Written by: Geoffrey Paz