Bre Kennedy teases new music and performs “Strings Attached” and “Intuition” live in studio [video]


With an amazing year behind her, Bre Kennedy is showing no signs of slowing down with new music and exciting shows coming up in 2020.

Kennedy hopped into the Lightning 100 studio to perform “Strings Attached” and “Intuition” in anticipation for her upcoming show at Exit/In on Jan. 24. Kennedy was joined by Matt Koziol, Gatlin and Hadley Kennary for an exciting in-studio performance with Jayson and Adam on Friday morning. 

The California native reflected on her move to Nashville and how Music City changed her life. 

“Everybody that I knew in California was like, ‘What are you doing driving across the country? Why are you going to Nashville?’ And now they’re all moving here,” she said. “Nashville changed my life. I met my favorite people here.”

With the release of her EP “Jealous of Birds”, opening up for Sheryl Crow and hopping on last year’s Pilgrimage lineup, 2019 was a decisive and pivotal year for Kennedy. By the end of the year her track “Jealous of Birds” had well over a million streams. 

But it seems Kennedy isn’t spending too much time reflecting, with day-of demos turning into songs that soon will be released.  

“I am really excited to tell more of my story. This new batch of music I’m putting out is actually the most raw piece of work I’ve put out so far,” said Kennedy. 

The in-studio performance was capped off by Adam’s signature Rapid Fire Five, revealing Kennedy to be quite the fan of mini-cooking YouTube videos and Gary Clark Jr.’s guitar playing. But sadly, “Furious of Flamingos” won’t be a b-side of “Jealous of Birds” anytime soon. 

Be sure to get your tickets to Kennedy’s show at Exit/In, with support from Gatlin and Jay + Shields, and check out the full video of her performance of “Strings Attached” below!

Written by Joe Bendekovic. Video by Geoffrey Paz