Sheryl Crow performs Halfway There, Long Way Back and If It Makes You Happy [video]


The legendary Sheryl Crow joined us in the ONErpm studio last week to promote her new album Be Myself. She performed the lead track “Halfway There,” digging in to some of her blues/rock influences. Watch below as she joins in on bass, upholding her reputation not only as an impeccable singer songwriter, but talented musician as well.

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The folksy songstress also performed “Long Way Back” from the new album. Written with her longtime co-writer and producer Jeff Trott, the song’s melodic guitar and echoing harmonies take you on a journey as it reminisces on their life travels and experiences together.

Crow also indulged us with the classic “If It Makes You Happy.” Released in 1996, the song stands as a symbol for the longevity of her career. Watch the performance below to see Crow strum along with poise only attainable by that of a legend. 


  1. Realy like long way back!! Can’t pick a favorite yet?? Gona try to get this version in my puter and send ya some harmonies.

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