Cabin Boys – “Too Late Now”: Local Artist of the Week

Cabin Boys

Cabin Boys is Lightning 100’s Local Artist of the Week! Cabin Boys are an experimental supergroup based in East Nashville, Tennessee. Currently, the band’s lineup consists of songwriters Colin Elmore, Carl Anderson, Reuben Bidez, Tim Bruns and Jesse Thompson. Using their combined skills, Cabin Boys have stirred the local music scene with their rockabilly and pop-country tunes. So far, they have released four singles and a studio album on Snowbunny Records.

“Too Late Now” departs from from Cabin Boys’ typical rockabilly theme, leaning more towards a country ballad. As such, drums and percussion are completely absent from the song’s instrumentation. Instead, the song relies on the constant strumming of a rhythm guitar to keep time. For the first sections of the song, the only instruments are rhythm guitar, steel guitar, and vocals. As the song develops, additional layers of guitar and bass enter, filling the otherwise empty atmosphere. Through reverb and delay filters, the song takes on a cavernous sound. This is most obvious in the vocals, especially in the sweet harmonies featured in the chorus section.

“Too Late Now” is one of nine songs on Cabin Boys’ debut album Cabin Fever. Currently, the album is only available through streaming services or digital download, with no physical records planned. In addition, the band frequently plays gigs in the Nashville area. Typically, these shows are announced through the band’s Instagram page. Otherwise, be sure to keep up with Cabin Boys through their website. Also, feel free to check out “Too Late Now” on your favorite streaming service, or through the video below!

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