“Cherry Baby” Jenny Lewis – Rev’s Weekly DJ Pick

Jenny Lewis Cherry Baby

Rev’s DJ Pick of the week is “Cherry Baby” from Jenny Lewis. The track is a feel-good song that portrays Jenny Lewis’s growth as a songwriter from her 19 years in the game.

Jenny Lewis grew up in Las Vegas and has been growing her indie folk career in music since 2004. Since then, she’s played Coachella, toured with Harry Styles, and now she’s onto her fifth studio album Joy’ all. The purpose of Joy’ all is to bring “pleasure and happiness” to everyone who listens. The album accomplishes just that and blends classic soul and 90’s R&B-inspired tracks.

“Cherry Baby” describes the carefree feeling of falling in love too easily. This track has lighthearted production elements that suit Jenny Lewis’s smooth vocal tone. The song features bright vocals and a lively rhythm, which makes this an excellent song to bring on a road trip or take with you on walks.

Listen to “Cherry Baby” Below!

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