Darrin Bradbury — “Shiny Town”: DJ Pick of the Week

Darrin Bradbury
Darrin Bradbury

“Shiny Town” by Darrin Bradbury is Casey’s DJ pick of the week! Bradbury is based in East Nashville and is known for his humorous, honest songwriting. The song “Shiny Town” is included on Bradbury’s latest album, Artvertisement.

Artvertisement was released back on August 20th through record label ANTI-. Bradbury described the album on Instagram as “group effort from the start and group effort to the finish” and stated “I’m just one fifth of why this sucker rocks.” In the Instagram post, Bradbury goes on to thank his band members Chase Ballenger, Preston Cochran, Ryan Sobb, and Scottie Prudhoe for their contributions to the project.

“Shiny Town” is a shining example of Bradbury’s unique songwriting and the work of the exceptional musicians who collaborated to create Artvertisement. Bradbury’s lead vocal dabbles between being sung and being spoken. Instrumentally, “Shiny Town” features a steady beat alongside various guitars. The feel of the song switches dramatically during the bridge, with Bradbury speaking the lyrics overtop a playful honky-tonk piano part. The bridge then leads into the final chorus of “Shiny Town,” which features intensified guitars and fuller production.

Bradbury is currently in the middle of a U.S. tour, with three upcoming shows in Charlotte NC, Durham NC, and Knoxville TN. You can keep up with Bradbury’s releases and tour dates via his website here. Be sure to listen to Artvertisement on your platform of choice and check out “Shiny Town” on YouTube below:

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