Why Would You- The Untamed: DJ Pick of the Week

The Untamed Press Photo
The Untamed Press Photo

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week 

Today’s DJ pick comes from local gem, The Untamed. This heavily 70’s inspired band is back with a brand new single, “Why Would You”. This song sounds like Mick Jagger and Janis Joplin had a love child. The Untamed takes a massive risk with their traditional classic rock sound that many haven’t tried to tackle, but it pays off in a huge way. These Nashville locals are keeping classic roots rock current. The biggest standout from the single is lead singer Callista Lange’s raspy Joplin style vocals and the interlude that hits in the middle of this tune. Callista even says Janis is one of her biggest musical inspirations. She even paid her respects to the rock legend in a recent post. 


This single is an instant classic inspired by the classics. This song builds in such a gradual way but packs a huge punch. This instrumental break in the middle that escalates to an unbelievable guitar solo is so reminiscent of legends like Creedence Clearwater Revival. 


“Why Would You” is off of their upcoming November 16th release, There Goes Your Tenderness. Pre pandemic, The Untamed loved playing local shows, but lately, they’ve been putting all their time and effort into their debut record There Goes Your Tenderness. Until now, The Untamed has only released a few singles, so we are ecstatic that we are going to get a full EP from this new Nashville band. 

Keep up with The Untamed, and check out the upcoming debut record There Goes Your Tenderness. 

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Written by: Madison Sharp