Flock of Dimes – “Pure Love”: DJ Pick of the Week

Jenn Wasner aka Flock of Dimes

“Pure Love” by Flock of Dimes is Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week! Flock of Dimes is the stage name used by singer-songwriter Jenn Wasner. Her music career is based out of her home in North Carolina, where she writes and refines her work. Between labels Sub Pop Records and Psychic Hotline, Wasner has released two studio albums and nine singles. Her musical style stems from the current trends of pop music, with her own twist on the theme and sound aspects.

The production behind “Pure Love” is almost entirely electronic in nature. Synthesizers carry most of the harmonies and instrumental melodies throughout the song, from consistent drones to punchy interjections. In addition, the drums are entirely electronic, but retain a catchy and pleasant rhythm. The guitar heard in the outro of each chorus contradicts this trend, standing out over the synthesizers and drums. The bass line also sounds electric, rather than synthesized, featuring many sliding notes in its groove. While Wasner’s vocals sound joyful and effortless, the lyrics portray the dark dangers of wanting too much for yourself. She pulls off this contradiction with no trouble at all, using the opposing dynamics to tell a compelling story.

Wasner released “Pure Love” as part of a dual-release single, which also includes a second song titled “Time”. She hasn’t announced any further content releases under the Flock of Dimes name yet. However, she will be on tour this spring as Flock of Dimes; information regarding dates and tickets are available via her website. Until then, be sure to keep up with Flock of Dimes through her Facebook, Instagram, and website. Also, feel free to check out her new single “Pure Love” via the YouTube video posted below!

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