Lydia Luce – All The Time: Local Artist of the Week


Lydia Luce spent a lot of the past few years in isolation; it’s where she wrote her new single “All The Time.” No, not quite the isolation we’ve been doing since last November. Luce’s isolation was self-imposed, the fallout of a brutal breakup. It eventually gave way to her sophomore record Dark River, which dropped in February. That isolation, of course, transformed into something different right around the time she was finishing up the album. Last year’s tornado proved traumatic for Luce, a “nearly fatal encounter,” to quote her website bio. Just over a year later, the finished record is an especially poignant portrait of grief and resilience. We’ll be spinning “All The Time,” well, all the time as we spotlight Lydia Luce as our Local Artist of the Week!

In a recent profile with Forbes, Luce discussed how her lived experience informed Dark River‘s unwavering sense of vulnerability. “This record was the start of breaking down those walls and barriers,” she told them, “stepping out of the fear of being different from my family.” It marks an era of lyrical and sonic exploration for the folk-rocker, as she dabbles in country, blues, and driving indie-rock. The latter probably fits “All The Time” best, considering its central propulsive drumbeat and gloriously swelling choruses. The track sees Luce calling out to a lover she needs… all the time. It’s at once loud and vulnerable, a thrilling exploration of the messy need for connection all-too-familiar to pretty much everyone. The track is, in a word, a revelation. Check out the handmade, heartfelt video below!

We’ll be playing “All The Time” throughout the week as we feature Lydia Luce as our Local Artist of the Week. Catch it live on-air at 100.1FM on your dial or streaming live at