Old Friend – Jonathan Tyler ft. Nikki Lane: DJ Pick of the Week

Jonathan Tyler Press Photo

Jonathan Tyler is a singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas who has been releasing music since 2007. He played in a rock band known as Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights for several years. The band signed with Atlantic Records in 2008 and released their album Pardon Me in 2010. After touring the country with major names like Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC, Jonathan Tyler left Atlantic Records in 2015 and began working on his solo career with his new label, Timeless Echo. Last month, Jonathan Tyler released a new EP, Old Friend. The title track, featuring country singer Nikki Lane, is featured as Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!

“Old Friend” is a heartwarming track that’ll make you want to hold a dear friend close. Musically, an acoustic guitar picking pattern runs throughout the song and creates a strong country sound. On top of the guitar, strings and harmonica are featured in various parts to add some notes of bluegrass. On top of the instruments, Jonathan’s vocals have a bit of grit that pair beautifully with Nikki Lane’s buttery smooth voice. In the song’s lyrics, Jonathan Tyler and Nikki Lane reminisce on a friendship that has stood the test of time. The track is a beautiful reminder of the never-ending value of good friends and memories shared.

Hey old friend. Where have you been? How many roads have you been traveling?

Now we’re here. The coast is clear. Let’s kick back and revel in the years.

The official music video for “Old Friend” is a glimpse into small town life and the beautiful relationships and moments that accompany it. The video contains documentary-style clips of various folks in town, as well as clips of Jonathan Tyler and Nikki Lane performing together on a small venue’s stage. The music perfectly matches the sweet and reminiscent energy of the track. Check it out below!

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