*repeat repeat – For Leaving You: DJ Pick of the Week


*repeat repeat is married duo Jared and Kristyn Corder. Originally hailing from East Nashville, the pair have built themselves an impressive fanbase, both near and far, since the 2017 release of their debut album Floral Canyon. Now, they’re back to deliver new music following a year spent in isolation on their Polychrome Ranch in the foothills of the Tennessee-Kentucky border. “For Leaving You” came out March 12th alongside “Go Now”— and the band indicates there’s more where these songs came from. The first side of the double single is Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week. 

After the success of 2019’s Patrick Carney-produced Glazed, *repeat repeat is faced with the challenge of following up their label debut. So far, “For Leaving You” proves they are up to the task. Produced by Jared himself from the band’s live-in studio, the song sees the duo eager to embrace new roles. It’s still classic *rr, though. The group’s website describes their music as “equal parts grit and jangle,” and it’s as if “For Leaving You” and “Go Now” were written to prove it. Whereas the former has its roots in laidback guitar pop, the latter is all fuzz. The songs’ combined music video, directed by Mitchell Maxwell, highlights this unique range which gives the band their signature sound.

“For Leaving You” is about moving on to bigger and better things, but worrying that what you already had might be as good as it gets. For Jared, this is a reference to the music business, although the lyrics could easily be construed to detail the story of a breakup. Regardless of how you interpret the track’s exact meaning, its sentiment remains relatable. One way or another, we’ve all been there.

Walked alone and no one cared

Part of me, it just felt scared

Guess that I was unprepared

For leaving you

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