Skrizzly Adams – New Dress: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


Skrizzly Adams is an Americana rock artist on the rise. After receiving a gold record in Europe for his 2018 hit single “Dance with Darkness,” the New Jersey musician recently put out his Morning Ramble EP with the help of Andrew Gialanella on ONErpm. “New Dress” is a standout track off the project. 

Skrizzly Adams was born Daniel Zavaro. A lover of extremes and juxtapositions, the name change makes a lot of sense for the self-taught multi-instrumentalist. He first began singing out of necessity when he was fifteen and playing in a band desperate for vocals, but songwriting has always come naturally to him. In fact, he never writes a good lyric idea down— if he remembers it by the end of the day he knows it’s worth keeping. Adams has certainly come a long way from writing and producing music out of his dorm room. 

In 2014 he released is 5 track EP Stains, which landed him a major label deal. Debut album Young Man arrived in 2019. He’s released a ton of music since then, including an extensive series of singles and the Morning Ramble EP. Now, album number three is on its way. 

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