Super Ride —”Shred City”: DJ Pick of the Week

Super Ride
Super Ride

Super Ride’s new single “Shred City” is Casey’s DJ pick of the week! The song is Super Ride’s debut release. Upon listening to Super Ride, their vibe can be best described as retro-inspired rock with a sense of humor. Super Ride “loves cats, garage rock, and long walks on the beach,” which is all made abundantly clear by their musical style and visuals.

“Shred City” opens with a lone lead guitar that is heavily panned left. Additional guitars, drums, and bass enter and fill out the song’s arrangement. “Shred City” is stylistically reminiscent of mid-nineties punk rock, drawing inspiration from the likes of Dookie by Green Day. The lyrics in the chorus pay additional tribute to this musical era, stating “I’m in love with this punk rock feeling.” Thematically, the song discusses escaping into this style of music. Super Ride pleads “take me back to shred city,” because “all I know is that I need this,” and sings that they’re “counting down the days until they play again.”

While Super Ride is especially low-key with their social media presence, you can hear about their upcoming projects and shows on Instagram and streaming services. Be sure to keep up with them there and listen to “Shred City” on YouTube below:

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