Team Lightning – Beech Mountain Ski Trip


This February, Team Lightning set out for an ultimate winter adventure at Beech Mountain Ski Resort in Beech Mountain North Carolina! The weekend consisted of skiing, snowboarding, live music and even a 80’s themed celebration on a mountain-top brewery. As the highest ski area in eastern America, Beech Mountain Ski Resort is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway. They offer an assortment of activities like the traditional skiing, snowboarding and tubing along with their more unique features like their 5506’ Skybar and Mile High Yoga. Beech Mountain Ski Resort is fit for those of all skill levels.

Our trip leaders shared their highlights from the trip. Delaney was excited to be able to get the hang of snowboarding quickly and enjoy the hills by Day Two, as he came into the trip never snowboarding before. Kaleigh’s favorite moment was realizing her friend Liz had only been snowboarding with one foot in the snowboard bindings the whole first day. By Day Two, Liz had learned the proper snowboard protocol and was whizzing down the hills. Beech Mountain Ski Resort is perfect for those of all skill levels! Delaney and Liz went into the trip knowing nothing about snowboarding but Kaleigh was a seasoned pro.  

Check out some pictures from our trip below! Watch the Team Lightning calendar so you don’t miss out on our next adventure!