Simple Sustainability at Bonnaroo

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By: Chloe Hopper

Attention all Bonnaroovians! Make the most of your experience this year by being a friend to our environment. All you have to do is refill, reduce, and re-energize! Follow these tips and tricks to lower your carbon footprint, while enjoying the warmth of the summer sun and some sweet tunes.

The easiest way to minimize your plastic consumption is by bringing in your own refillable plastic water bottle. Throughout the festival site, there are free, filtered drinking water stations leaving you no excuse for bringing and buying water bottles. You can also join Bonnaroo’s REFILL REVOLUTION by purchasing a reusable beer cup. Beer cups are available for purchase during the ticket buying process or on-site at any beverage stand with draft beer. As an added bonus, other than saving the environment, you will receive a discount on all refills throughout the weekend.

Pick up your trash, please! It seems to be a common theme at festivals for people to leave trash wherever they want, well it’s not. Bonnaroo has hundreds of trash, recycling, and composting bins around the festival and campgrounds giving you plenty of opportunities to reduce! All plates, cups, forks and other food service items sold by festival vendors are compostable, so remember to place them in the appropriate bin. If you do buy a can of beer or water bottle, visit The Clean Vibes’ Trading Post. You can trade in your bottles and cans you will receive currency that can be used to purchase Bonnaroo gear!

Wanting to eat sustainable and healthy at Bonnaroo, then go visit Planet Roo Café. All the food served at Planet Roo Café is organic making it a great opportunity to re-energize your body throughout the long day! If you desire to be even more environmentally conscientious opt for a vegan or vegetarian option.

Bonnaroo provides countless opportunities for its attendees to make a difference in the world and protect our planet. If you follow the Bonnaroovian Code and remember to refill, reduce, and re-energize you will make the most of your Bonnaroo experience!