the615 – 4/5/21


This week on the615 Casey previews another full unreleased record, this one from Briston Maroney. His debut album Sunflower comes out this Friday April 9th so be sure to stream it as soon as you can. The show kicks off with one of this year’s first Music City Mayhem matchups between Jive Talk and Steve Stout. Tune in every Monday and Saturday from 6pm to 8pm for the615!  Special thanks to our sponsors Zero to 60 by AGD!

  • Jive Talk – Sue (Music City Mayhem)
  • Steve Stout – The Hitching Post (Music City Mayhem)
  • Them Vibes – Foolish
  • Jax Hollow – Drift Together (Local Artist of the Week)
  • The Cancellations – In The Middle Of Nowhere
  • Jay Leo Phillips – During During
  • Reuben Bidez – Birdies
  • Katie King – Divine
  • Andrew C. Marshall – Kobayashi Maru
  • Greg Steinfeld – Oklahoma
  • Madi Diaz – New Person, Old Place
  • Stone Jack Jones & Adia Victoria – I’m Made
  • Volk – Welcome To Cashville
  • Imaginary Baseball League – Elliston