Fences “Werewolf Palm” – ONErpm Hitmaker Alert

Fences Werewolf Palm

“Werewolf Palm” from Fences is our ONErpm Hitmaker Alert for this week! This track comes from Fences’ latest full-length album, Bright Soil, which just hit shelves on September 15th. As the band’s first album in over two years, this was a long awaited release.

Fences’ Christopher Mansfield has been creating music since 2008, and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. He has gained the attention of several successful artists and producers, enough to put together a “dream band” for this record. Bright Soil features names like Jeremiah Green of Modest Mouse and Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers. Long-time business partner and friend of Mansfield, Ryan Lewis, also adds vocals and production to the album. Comparing it to “picking [the best players for] a soccer team in school,” Mansfield was determined to get his idea of an all-star band to get a sound he knew he would love for this project.

“Werewolf Palm” acts as a dance song while masking some shockingly dark lyrics. Hiding themes and imagery of death and temptation behind tapping hi-hats and ghostly background vocals, Fences creates a track that is both exciting and eerie. Mansfield proves to be a master storyteller: listeners become fully immersed in his lyrics of leaving and love. But even full of dark undertones, the track is still sure to get you dancing. The artistry in this track is in the juxtaposition. Listen to “Werewolf Palm” below:

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