Liza Anne “Cheerleader” – Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week

Liza Anne is white with light blonde hair and bangs. They are wearing an all-black outfit with a skirt and fishnet tights. They are standing and holding a blue and white electric guitar.

Steph’s DJ pick this week is “Cheerleader” by Liza Anne. The infectiously groovy track dropped last Thursday, May 18, but its journey from writing to release has been in the works for 3 years now. The song serves as a joyous comeback for Liza Anne, their first original release since their 2020 album Bad Vacations. It also represents a significant transition for the artist both sonically and personally. This is Liza Anne’s first single post-coming out as gay and nonbinary, and this is reflected in all aspects of “Cheerleader,” from its lyrics and funk-pop sound to its accompanying music video and poem.

The previously self-described “indie rock-ish” Liza Anne sheds any traces of abrasiveness or gloominess in past releases with “Cheerleader.” Coming in at just under 2 and a half minutes, the new single boasts smooth, shimmering electric guitars, funky bass and a carefree disco spirit that leaves listeners wanting more. Bouncy and effortlessly cool, a new, joyful era is in sight for Liza Anne and their music. While subtle on the surface, Liza Anne doesn’t hold back at expressing their newfound confidence and happiness in their identity in the song’s music video. Gender nonconformity and alternative fashion abound in the playful and fun video. It re-establishes Liza Anne as an artist, updating audiences on who they are and where they’re at.

TLDR: The song’s repeated distorted shout of “chic electric!” is a perfect encapsulation of this song. The single set the stage for a North American tour that kicked off just last week. Although the tour won’t be stopping in Music City, tickets go on sale soon for Liza Anne’s ABBA Disco for Abortion Care at The Blue Room.

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