Miya Folick – “Get Out Of My House”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ pick of the week is “Get Out Of My House” by Miya Folick! Released on January 20, 2023, “Get Out Of My House” is the first single from her upcoming album Roach. The album debuts in May as Miya Folick’s second studio album after Premonitions in 2018.

Miya Folick is an indie musician from Santa Ana, California. Originally an aspiring actress, Folick attended both NYU and USC for acting. Although she received classical voice lessons growing up, it was when a friend taught her how to play guitar during a gap semester, that she began thinking about a career in music. Resorting to tinder to find fellow musicians, she quickly put together a band and started playing shows.

Fueled by snares and hi-hats, from the beginning this song solidifies itself as an indie-rock anthem. Though the vocals start soft and the guitar is very muted, they continue to build as Folick adds in more growl to her voice and distortion to the instrumentals. The song has a coming-of-age feel, like you’re discovering yourself again. This is especially shown in verse two stating, “Think I wanna wake up in the mornin’, glad to be alive. Don’t want to run over and see you. You remind me life is terrifying.” “Get Out Of My House” is for those finally getting rid of things that don’t serve them anymore. Whether that’s toxic relationships or bad habits, this song is about the sweet relief of removing negativity from your life. A rainbow after the storm.

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