Vera Bloom “Eyes on You” – Local Artist of the Week

Vera Bloom Eyes on You

Our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week is Vera Bloom! Hear the track from her latest EP here on Lightning 100 all week long.

Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist Vera Bloom makes a tribute to riot girl punk in her sound, while pouring her emotions and vulnerability into her lyrics. Taking clear inspiration from 70s and 80s rock icons like Joan Jett, Vera’s sound is heavy and driven. She commands attention through her musicianship, lyricism, and attitude she portrays even outside of her music. As co-producer of her sophomore album “It’s Me” that hit shelves at the end of September, she lets her listeners know that she can really do it all.

Vera’s music is intense, and the track “Eyes on You” is no exception. The track opens with smashing toms and a lingering, fuzzy bass line. Repeating the line “My eyes are always on you,” throughout the track, she reflects her dark lyrical themes of endings, fear, and longing. Vera’s vocals evolve to a high octave, gritty scream as the track continues. She then ends on a screech that seems to echo in our heads long after the song ends. Vera bloom is honest, edgy, and an artist to keep an eye on.

Listen to “Eyes On You” below:

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