The Weeks Playing Live at The Cowan


From the moment The Weeks arrived for their show, one could tell it was going to be a night to remember. The day was clear, and the weather was perfect. Arriving early, the band met up with a handful of lucky fans, chatting and playing a few rounds of top golf before their set. Watching The Weeks interact with their fans, one could tell they genuinely care about every person who comes out to see them play.

The night kicked off with an electrifying performance by H.A.R.D, a pop-punk group gaining a lot of momentum in the Nashville scene. With wailing guitars and passionate vocals, every song was just as vibrant as the last. Playing just over an hour, the band didn’t once let up speed.

When The Weeks Finally took the stage, the energy shifted. As soon as the music started, it was as if the band had ceased to be individuals, instead, become a single unit connected through their music. Their movements were instinctive and effortless. It was like watching an ancient tribal dance. As their set progressed, the audience connected more and more until everyone in the building was dancing and singing along whether they knew the words or not.

The Weeks are just one of those bands that blow you away live. With two more shows left at the Cowan this summer, this is one concert you won’t want to miss. buy your tickets here:

Photography and Writing by Matthew Khan