Sad Astronauts – This is Gonna Hurt Me More than it Hurts You: DJ Pick of the Week

sad astronauts

This week Lightning100 will be featuring the band, Sad Astronauts , as Dan’s Dj Pick of the Week! “This is Gonna Hurt Me More than it Hurts You” is the group’s first single off of their upcoming album Adult Fears, debuting November 5th! Their sound might be new, but they play as though it’s all they’ve ever done together. The indie alt. rock band began in 2020 by local musicians, Kevin Max & Erick Cole. Their unique group name ‘Sad Astronauts’ was inspired through the group’s interpretation of social attitudes as of late. That being a desire to somehow escape the planet in search of another world with hopefully fewer problems…

Shepard and Cole began writing Adult Fears around the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the album took roughly a week to record. This quick turnaround is clearly the result of amazing chemistry within the group, rather than the lack of quality content. Shepard and Cole are at the center of the songwriting and creativity behind the music. Having been in cahoots since the late 1990’s Shepard, in discussing his work with Cole maintained that, “we instinctively know what the other guy is thinking when we start writing together.”.

“This is Gonna Hurt Me More than it Hurts You” reflects on how relationships can breakdown or become something completely different. Overall, the group poetically delivers a lesson within the song of learning to create space and how to let go.

Tune into 100.1 FM or this week to hear “This is Gonna Hurt Me More than it Hurts You”. Performed by Sad Astronauts, and featured as Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week! Tweet at us with #L100DJPick we want to hear your thoughts, too! You can check out more of Dan’s DJ picks right here