Zoom Interview: Gracie Abrams


Up-and-coming bedroom pop star Gracie Abrams has had an unusual breakout year. After gaining traction from the song snippets she posts to her Instagram, the young artist released her first EP, Minor, in July of 2020. She’s since gained fans far and wide, although the coronavirus pandemic has prevented her from meeting many of them face to face. So far she’s had to cancel one sold-out tour, and her European dates set for May remain up in the air. Thankfully for Abrams, she’s never had trouble connecting with people online. In a recent interview with Lt. Dan, Abrams opens up about making playlists, baking, and what it’s been like for things to not go according to plan.

From her family’s home in California, Abrams offered a peak into her life over the past few months via Zoom. We’ve been playing her on the air a lot, but check out the interview video below for a special rendition of “Friend” recorded from her bedroom!