Mickey Commodore – “Are We In Love”: Local Artist of the Week


This week’s Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week is indie-pop rock artist Mickey Commodore! We will be playing his song, “Are We In Love.”

Originally from Plaquemine, Louisiana, singer-songwriter Jason Martin is the person behind the stage name. Growing up Commodore was always interested in music. He even accidentally set fire to his parent’s living room with a toy drum kit! Since then he has been perfecting his sound, exploring life’s ebbs and flows, love, mental health, and more. His debut album Slow Motion Movie Scene, coming out on June 22, is described as the “musical equivalent of a hug from one of those Sesame Street characters.” Honest and warm, Commodore bears his soul in each and every song.

Released on April 6, 2023 “Are We In Love” is about questioning a relationship. Commodore describes the downfalls of the connection such as “getting a call at 3 AM and you’re telling me you’re not alright.” He ponders that, if this is what love feels like, then he probably shouldn’t be in love at all. Building up from just guitar and vocals, the track really packs a punch with the outro. A song to scream along to, “Are We In Love” includes elements just about anyone can relate to.

Catch Mickey Commodore at The 5 Spot every Wednesday in June during his Album Release Residency!

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