The Welters – “Recreated Light” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week.


Casey’s DJ pick of the week is “Recreated Light” by The Welters! This newest single from the popular Nashville band keeps you moving with its upbeat instrumentals and lyrics.

The Welters consists of Ryan Gelder and Ari Ruchman on Guitar, Sean Weidner on drums, the bassist Drew Hensley, and Les Clark on the vocals. In their performances, all five members radiate energy not only in their recordings, but live as well. The band keeps the energy moving in their live performances, keeping their audience pumped up. It’s safe to say that the Walters embody punk in almost every way.

They released their first EP titled “Paperback” in 2021 to major success. The band is consistent with putting out music that keeps you moving the entire time. The punk-rock inspired instrumentals give the song high energy, almost like one is walking through a busy city. The lyrics of the song back this up:

“I try, you know why?
I saw you inside
I’ll come, downtown

Check out the full song below as a treat!

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