VOLK “Pop Song” – Local Artist of the Week

Volk Pop Song

Our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week is VOLK. We’re spinning the duo’s track “Pop Song” all week long.

Eleot Reich (drums/vocals) and Christopher Lowe (guitars/vocals) met in Berlin in 2013. Ten years later, they’re still making music and chasing their desire to create. With a catalogue that can’t be pigeonholed into any particular genre (though often categorized as cowpunk), VOLK’s music is electrifying. On “Pop Song,” we’re greeted with drums and a catchy guitar riff. It’s first reminiscent of 80s hair bands such as Poison, before quickly taking an overdriven, crunchier tone. When Reich enters on vocals, she sounds lively and commanding. At the breakdown, a bass shines through the mix for its moment in the spotlight, before again retreating in favor of guitars and vocals. You can’t help but sing along with the chorus, because after all, “this is a pop song.”

Lowe said of his guitar work, “I just want to bring this Tom Morello, nebulous sound, where maybe you can’t even tell it’s a guitar.” VOLK continues to expand their sound palette as the duo works on their next album. It’s nearly complete, and features the likes of Joshua Flemming and Ray Willie Hubbard, among others. On the road, they’ve shared bills with Electric Six, Supersuckers, The Dead South, Charley Crockett, and Diarrhea Planet; On November 12th, they’ll perform alongside Liam St. John at Nashville Sunday Night.

You can listen to “Pop Song” by VOLK below:

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