Hoptober 2020 Day 1: Terrapin Dancing Gummy Beer


Our very own Jason sat down with Matt from Rhizome Productions to kick off the Hoptober season Lightning 100 style, with a “Dead Head” inspired brew from the Terrapin Beer Co. in Athens, Georgia! The Terrapin Dancing Gummy Beer is a Hemp Cherry Berliner Weiss. Say that five times fast!

Terrapin Dancing Gummy Beer

A part of Terrapin’s lauded “dispensary line” of beers, the Dancing Gummy Beer is a fusion of cherry juice, hemp seeds, and lactic fermentation that produce a sweet and tart finish. Before you even take a swig, you’ll get a whiff of the hemp seed which really offsets the fruity flavors. The Berliner Weiss is traditionally an intentionally soured beer, so if you’re the type to opt for ciders over beer, this would be a great entry point.

If you’re looking for a fun and flavorful beer that anyone at the tailgate can appreciate, look no further than the Terrapin Dancing Gummy Beer! Looking for more suggestions? Tune in to Lightning 100 at 100.1FM tomorrow at 6:30am (or for the replay at 6:30pm) for 2-4-1 Tuesday!