What to Bring to Live on the Green 2022


By now, you’ve probably started mentally preparing for this year’s Live on the Green. You may have already decided what to wear, what sets you cannot miss, and maybe even what items to bring! However, in case you haven’t, we’ve decided to compile a list of essential Live on the Green 2022 Amazon must-haves, so you can be prepared when Labor Day weekend rolls around!

Small Blankets or Beach Towels

Maybe you want to watch a set while sitting with your friends, or maybe you want to have a nice spot to rest after standing through an incredible set by one of your favorite artists. For this, we recommend bringing a small blanket or beach towel. You might even want to bring a compact blanket that will fit in your bag!

NUTJAM Outdoor Waterproof Portable Blanket
GRAND TRUNK Adventure Sheet

Portable Charger

If you want to use your phone to video the artists you love, keep up with those you came to the festival with, or call yourself a safe ride home after a long day of fun, you may want to bring a portable charger with you.

2-Pack Miady Dual USB Portable Charger

Rain Gear

We can’t control the weather, though we wish we could! In the case that it rains and the show must go on, to ensure that you can too, bring an umbrella or a rain poncho with you!

Yoobure Small Mini Umbrella with Case
Hagon PRO Disposable Rain Ponchos for Adults (5 Pack)


When it comes to sun protection, there’s no being too careful. Lather up with some sunscreen so you can enjoy the festival free of an uncomfortable sunburn!

Sun Bum Original SPF 70 Sunscreen Lotion

Hand Sanitizer

This year’s Live on the Green is the first in-person LOTG in three years! Because of this, we expect a high velocity of attendees. To play it safe, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag and use it every few hours to keep those nasty germs away.

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel, 1 Fl Oz
Mrs. Meyers Hand Sanitizer, 2 OZ

Lip Balm

There’s nothing worse than having chapped lips at a music festival. To keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun, we recommend bringing along a tube of lip balm – one with SPF of course!

Aquaphor Lip Protectant + Sunscreen – SPF 30
Supergoop! PLAY Lip Balm with Acai – SPF 30


It can be difficult to see the artists on stage when you’re squinting. Bring a pair of sunglasses to the LOTG so you can see your favorite acts playing while the sun is high!

SOJOS Round Polarized Sunglasses
SOJOS Shining Oversized Round Rhinestone Glasses
Foster Grant Jace Polarized Sunglasses

Fanny Pack

If you’re 21+, you’ll need somewhere safe to store your valid photo I.D. if you plan on purchasing alcoholic beverages. You’ll also need somewhere to store all the previously mentioned festival essentials. For this, we recommend carrying a fanny pack – small, durable, great for storage, and easy to transport.

MAXTOP Large Crossbody Fanny Pack with 4-Zipper Pockets

Water Bottle

A water bottle may be one of the most important items you bring with you to Live on the Green. If you’re spending all day in the sun, it’s important to stay as hydrated as possible! You can bring a bottle that will clip onto your bag, or even a collapsible bottle that will fit inside your bag when you’re not using it.

Contigo Ashland Chill Water Bottle, 20 Oz
E-Senior Collapsible Water Bottle, 20 Oz

Glitter and Gem Stones

It’s become a norm to spice up your festival look with a bit of shine. This can be done with body glitter or stickable gem stones. If you care about keeping the park clean like we do, you can even try biodegradable glitter options!

CAI BEAUTY NYC Silver Glitter
Unicorn Snot Biodegradable Holographic Body Glitter Gel
Noctilucent Face Gems

Your Furry Friend

Live on the Green is a pet friendly music festival, so bring along your furry friend! However, it is required by law that your pet stay on a leash in a public area, and we take this rule very seriously. If you’re bringing your pet, bring a leash! You may even want to bring some poop bags or some cool festival gear for your pet!

MayPaw Heavy Duty Rope Dog Leash
Fida Retractable Dog Leash with Dispenser and Poop Bags
KOSONG Dog Bandanas

We hope to see you at Live on the Green 2022! Check out Amazon.com for more festival essentials. Also, check out the Live on the Green website for more information on the festival!