The Foxies – Call Me When Your Phone Dies


The Foxies make you want to jump up from your couch and dance with their newest release, “Call Me When Your Phone Dies.” It’s their latest track off their upcoming EP, Growing Up is Dead, to be released May 29th.

This song is fun for anyone who likes to dance, but lyrically this one’s for the ladies. “Why Don’t You Call Me When Your Phone Dies” is a diss-track for all the guys they wasted their time on. You know the type, it’s kind of tune you’d play for your girl-friends after they go through a break up, or if you’re just tired of dating in general.

This electropop -rock track is your friend in the dating world. Take it with you, and never let anyone treat you less than the superstar you are. Listen to the full song below, and tell us what you think!