Waker: Local Artist of the Week

Waker Press Photo

We’re no strangers to Waker at Lightning 100. The lovable jam-band rockers are back with a living-room dance party approved hit, “Waiting On You.” The video just premiered on July 23, and you can check it out here:

“Waiting On You” maintains a classic rhythm section feel driven by a strong kick drum pulse, but Waker also reveals a production with more sheen than we’re used to hearing from big horn driven bands. The reverb-drenched vocals sit in perfectly with the saxaphone in the back half of the song. For fans of Huey Lewis and the News, this track feels like a welcome revamp of the 80’s yacht rock sound.

Of course, nothing quite compares to Waker’s on-stage charisma. Not too long ago, in 2018, we had the pleasure of bringing Waker to Public Square Park for Live on the Green. You can catch their performance of “Pike” here.

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