Big City Magic – Okey Dokey: DJ Pick of the Week

Okey Dokey- Press Photo

“Big City Magic” by Okey Dokey is Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week! This song is the second track off Okey Dokey’s newest album Once Upon One Time, released on October 23rd. The Nashville-based duo, founded in 2016, has been on a roll lately, releasing three albums within the last two years. Bassist and singer-songwriter Aaron Martin and guitarist Johny Fisher are the two members of Okey Dokey. The two of them have developed a distinct feel-good indie-rock sound. That feel-good energy extends to Okey Dokey’s creation of a strong and uplifting community of fans that emphasize inclusivity and love.

“Big City Magic” paints a picture of a young man moving to the big city. Cleverly naming the character in the song “Magic”, Okey Dokey transforms the magical feeling of big city awe into an actual person. The track showcases the band’s humor and storytelling abilities through this sweet and nostalgic tale of “Magic”. “Big City Magic” has a punchy baseline and vintage-sounding guitar. It’s got a really groovy and fun sound, matching the excitement of the big city in the song!

People say that he’s lost his way

He’s just riding on a different wave from you

(Big City Magic)

Once Upon One Time has some impressive co-production and mixing credits from great indie and rock artists including members of Grizzly Bear, My Morning Jacket, and Johny’s favorite band, The Shins. Okey Dokey loves and appreciates working with others in creating their music. In a recent interview with WNUR, Johny spoke to their love of collaboration: “We offered the idea of people making songs with us early on when we were first hinting about turning into a “community.” So we’ve had bands and artists send us songs, and then we’ll record on them and mix them and then send them back.”

The band recently performed live at the beloved Grimey’s Record Store in East Nashville. Check it out below!

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