Do or Die – Ani DiFranco: DJ Pick of the Week

Ani DiFranco- Do or Die

Rev. Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week – “Do or Die” by Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco is a folk and alternative rock artist, originally from Buffalo, New York. Her music has influences from almost every genre and her newest single, “Do or Die”, is a poignant statement on the current climate of our world. DiFranco has a history of creating music that speaks to the world around her and this single is nothing short of that. Lyrics like, “We can do this/If we try/If we do this/Like it’s do or die” promote making the changes you want to see from the world.

In a statement she said, “Nothing will stem the tide of suffering from Covid-19, economic crisis, police brutality, mass incarceration, endemic poverty, entrenched white supremacy and misogyny, deportation and detainment, gun violence, fire, flood, disease, pollution, irradiation, exploitation, forced reproduction, gender and sexuality -based violence and oppression, disinformation, propaganda, corruption, and greed…short of a functioning democracy! Let’s harness our outrage and vote.”

The video that DiFranco released for the single urges her audience to vote for the changes that need to be made. 

DiFranco came out of isolation and recorded the song in a strip mall in Durham, North Carolina. She wore a mask during the entire recording process, with the exception of when she sang directly into the microphone. The song is a true product of the pandemic. The vocals were recorded in North Carolina, the strings were arranged and added by her touring companion in Oregon. 

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