El Capitan – Colony House: DJ Pick of the Week

Colony House- Press Photo

Colony House began making music together back in 2009 while all members were still in high school. The Franklin, Tennessee-natives changed their band’s name from Caleb to Colony House in 2013 after living in an apartment together. The band released their debut album, When I Was Younger, in 2014. They quickly gained traction in the Nashville music scene. Colony House has that modern rock ‘n’ roll sound with indie and alternative influences that draws in listeners of all genres. Early this year, the band released their third studio album, Leave What’s Lost Behind. The album’s fifth track, “El Capitan”, is Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week!

“El Capitan” begins with a quick drum fill and steady bass line that set the pace of the track. A cheery guitar with nice reverb picks up as lead singer Caleb Chapman comes in singing. Chapman brings his bouncy vocals to the track as he sings of climbing El Capitan for the woman he loves. The sweet metaphor fits perfectly within the energy of the song and provides an upbeat, romantic rock ‘n’ roll track for all to enjoy.

Girl, don’t you know that I would climb up El Capitan

Climb up El Capitan

Climb up El Capitan

Just to prove how much I love you

In a conversation with Substream Magazine, Caleb Chapman shared the underlying themes running throughout the album. “I think the theme is honesty and really wanting people to see straight through us and being okay with that… I think it’s a hopeful album.” Just as the album’s title insinuates, Leave What’s lost Behind highlights looking towards the good to come. And with the insanity of this year, we all sure can appreciate an album about honesty and hope!

Check out Colony House’s acoustic, “impromptune” version of “El Capitan”, performed live in Yosemite National Park!

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