Jillette Johnson – Annie: DJ Pick of the Week


Nashville pop artist Jillette Johnson’s third album It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You came out in February of 2021. Originally from New York, Johnson has blossomed here in Music City. “Annie” is one of the singles off of the record, and it’s Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!

“Annie” is a thank you letter to Johnson’s husband’s ex girlfriend. Annie is in fact her real name, and she has heard the song. She’s okay with the homage, which acknowledges the ways that our past relationships make us who we are. 

Thank you, Annie, I heard about you plenty

I heard you dug him out of a hole 

Heard you gave him somewhere to go

Heard you taught him how to love with his whole heart

It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You is completely Johnson. She wrote the entire thing alone— a rarity in Nashville’s co-writing culture. “This chapter of my life has been about quiet, stillness, gratitude, deepening relationships, and not running away,” Johnson explains. “And this record has a lot to do with learning how to be in one place and how to feel freedom in that.”

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