Jordan Dean – “Feeling Strange”: DJ Pick of the Week

Jordan Dean

“Feeling Strange” by Jordan Dean is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week! Jordan Dean is an alternative singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but was drawn to the Music City’s unique music scene. At first, he wrote and performed with an acoustic guitar in hand, but shifted to mirror his favorite bands. In particular, he’s a fan of revival-era punk music, citing bands like the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys as the inspiration for his newest records.

Dean’s love of revivalist punk music is clearly laid into the foundation of “Feeling Strange”. The guitar and bass harmonies, while relatively simple, have occasional moments of dissonance. At some points, the bass becomes the harmonic focus, with the guitar dropping out completely. In addition, the drums are heavy, with a hint of processing to boost their pulse. To top it off, the lead guitar’s riff is twangy, with a strong sense of rhythm. Overall, the instrumental is upbeat and flowing. On the other hand, Dean’s vocals are calm and focused, with a somewhat raspy tone at times. As the song progresses, the vocals become increasingly lively, and adds in chorus vocals between sections.

“Feeling Strange” is Jordan Dean’s first musical release this year, and dropped alongside an official music video. He celebrated this release with two shows in Tennessee, including a performance in Nashville. Although he hasn’t announced any other new music yet, we hope to hear more from him soon! Until then, be sure to keep up to date with Jordan Dean through his Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, feel free to check out the official music video for “Feeling Strange” below!

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