Look The Other Way – Katie Pruitt: DJ Pick of the Week

Katie Pruitt- Press Photo

Katie Pruitt is a Nashville based Atlanta native. Her music covers a wide range of concepts, including religion, mental health, and social issues. Earlier this year her debut album, Expectations, was releases and met with critical praise. Pruitt blends country and folk with indie rock, and has earned respect and adoration from Rolling Stone, NPR Music, and more. Her latest release, “Look The Other Way”, is about breaking out of your comfortable life to fight injustice. Inspired from a place of frustration, the song tackles the complacency and silence from so many people to the ongoing issues in the world around us.

Pruitt explains, “Look the Other Way’ deals with the ongoing issue of complacency and how we all play a role in it.” Pruitt reflects, “I wanted to confront that complacency head on, both culturally and within myself. We have two choices when we witness evil being done: we can look the other way, or we can ask ourselves what we can do to stop it.”


Pruitt is not only taking a stand through her music, but through her actions as well. She partnered with HeadCount’s ‘Just Vote’ campaign, which promotes voter registrations and provides information and resources for voters.“Voting is the most effective way to implement change in a democracy,” she says. “Use your voice & register to vote! This is NOT the election to ‘look the other way.’

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