Painted Shield – Knife Fight: DJ Pick of the Week


Today’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to Painted Shield for their song, “Knife Fight”. Consisting of singer-songwriter Mason Jennings, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, drumming star Matt Chamberlain, and keyboardist/singer Brittany Davis, Painted Shield successfully showcases each member’s unique talents. This past November, the band released their self-titled debut album via Loosegroove Records. In true pandemic-fashion, the band did not collaborate in person, but through emailing and sending files back and forth. This gave them the freedom to create music without the pressure of timelines and having to book studio sessions. 

The song we’re spotlighting, “Knife Fight”, is an upbeat mix of roots rock and electronica. Initially, the track was released as a vinyl single on Pearl Jam’s membership program for dedicated fans, Ten Club. This was back when Painted Shield was just beginning to work together a few years ago. In 2020, the band decided to release the song on their debut album, giving all listeners a chance to hear the track. The song incorporates a powerful mix of live and electronic drums, rhythm guitars, punchy basslines and catchy melodies that will make you want to listen to the track over and over again. On November 26, 2020, they released a music video for the track that you can check out below! The video gives a very 70’s vibe, as it features various clips from a Gentle Giant performance in 1975. 

“Knife fight

Do you wanna come step to me

Like in Beat It 1983?

Build me up just to cut me down 

Do I run or do I hold my ground?

Ground, ground” 

Lyrics from “Knife Fight” by Painted Shield

Be sure to tune into 100.1 FM or to hear “Knife Fight” by Painted Shield, featured as Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week. Be sure to let us know your thoughts! Tweet at us with #L100DJPick and share your take on the track.


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