Rhett Miller — “Go Through You”: Rev. Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week


Rev. Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Go Through You” by Rhett Miller! As a component of his new album The Misfit, “Go Through You” showcases Miller’s versatility as he treads into the surreal waters of dream pop and psychedelia. Reminiscent of bands from the Elephant 6 collective such as Neutral Milk Hotel and Olivia Tremor Control, Miller blends Americana sensibilities with British Invasion production techniques. While the core rhythm section of “Go Through You” sounds akin to the instrumentals of Miller’s beloved band Old 97’s, a rich layer of chorused vocal harmonies submerges the track into a Beatles-like trance. Cementing these opposing sounds together with some classic analog crunch, Miller delivers a lovable lo-fi pop sound ready to take the Americana scene by storm.

Lyrically, Miller returns to his long-established trope of “a sad sack loser, a ‘broken guy.'” While Miller acknowledges that this character and himself have little in common, he takes on this fictional persona so that he doesn’t have “to be the sad clown in real life.” Through this cathartic release of feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome, Miller crafts a comical, upbeat piece that is sure to make you crack a smile.

Listen to “Go Through You” below, and check out Miller’s new album The Misfit which released this morning!

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