Automatic — “New Beginning”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


“New Beginning” by Automatic is Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week! The Los Angeles-based trio, Izzy Glaudini, Halle Saxon, and Lola Dompé, formed the alternative rock band in 2017.

Automatic released their sophomore album Excess this past June. The record’s opening track, “New Beginning” features the band’s post-punk, 70s and 80s synthesized sound. As the title suggests, the track’s lyrics talk of a ‘new beginning’ for the human race and life on Earth.

The music video perfectly encapsulates the song’s futuristic lyrical themes paired with retro sounds. Watch the official music video for “New Beginning” below, and check out more information on Automatic here!

Tune in to 100.1 FM or all week to hear “New Beginning” by Automatic as Steph’s DJ pick of the week.