The Kernal – “Long, Cool Finger”: DJ Pick of the Week

The Kernal

“Long, Cool Finger” by The Kernal is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week! The Kernal is a project by Joe Garner to honor and build upon the ideas of country music legends, including his father Charlie. He views The Kernal as his alter ego, and utilizes it to find purpose and tie up loose ends with his late family members. Garner has told the story of this family throughout his three studio albums. His music encompasses elements of both country and rock n’ roll music.

“Long, Cool Finger” blends the structure of early rock n’ roll music with country themes. Unlike the majority of popular songs today, “Long, Cool Finger” follows the 12-bar blues structure. This song form was widely used in early rock music, but originated from the jazz and blues genres. The song doubles down on its rock heritage with the use of rhythmic guitars, groovy electric bass, and simple drums. However, Joe Garner’s vocals draw more on his country roots, as his delivery is lively yet percussive at times. His lyrical content is also country-derived, encompassing family and church first and foremost. All of these ideas are certainly amplified by modern recording and production techniques not available to early rock or country musicians.

The Kernal released “Long, Cool Finger” in September of 2021 to promote his upcoming album, Listen to the Blood. This album released in January of 2022, and is available via streaming services or as physical media here. The Kernal will perform at a few shows this year, including an event right here in Nashville. Tickets for these events are available here. Otherwise, be sure to keep up with The Kernal through his Facebook, Instagram, and website. Also, feel free to check out “Long, Cool Finger” via the YouTube video below!

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