Young the Giant – Superposition

Photo by Wesley Yen

Keith Coes here with my DJ pick this week from Young the Giant. It’s their song “Superposition,” off their fourth album Mirror Master that was released last month by Elektra Records. “Superposition” tells the ever-so-relevant story of unrequited love, but with space and physics metaphors mixed that create an “atmospheric” sound.

The Live on the Green alum focused their new album on self-reflection and introspection after their 2016 album was an external look at the state of the world. Lead singer of the group, Sameer Gadhia, emphasizes that people are multi-dimensional, and we need to embrace every aspect of ourselves. Life is full of highs and lows; that’s what makes us human.

Watch the video for “Superposition” below, and catch Young the Giant out on tour now.