COVID-19 Vaccine Standby List: What You Need to Know


On Tuesday, January 12, the Nashville Metro Public Health Department rolled out the “Standby List” initiative to ensure no doses of the COVID-19 vaccine go to waste. Currently, vaccinations are occurring most weekdays in Five Points to individuals in the appropriate phase from 8 am to 2:30 pm. The catch is that each vial of the vaccine holds five doses, and once a vial is opened it has to be used.

This is where the standby list comes in. To make sure that the opened vaccine doesn’t go to waste, MPHD is offering the remaining doses (up to 4 per day) to individuals off the Standby List. Every day, MPHD nurses will choose individuals at random from the list and tell them how to get their dose.

To get on the list, email [email protected] with your name and phone number. Selected individuals will receive a phone call at 2:30 instructing them to go to Five Points within thirty minutes. Additionally, they will receive a unique code to ensure security. Once they receive their vaccination, MPHD will give additional instruction so they can receive their second dose.

MNPD will then delete the list and reset entries for the next day. Entrants can enter once per day each day MNPD administers the vaccine in Five Points. Multiple entries in a day will lead to disqualification, so we don’t recommend that route.

Of course, the one constant about the COVID-19 pandemic is change. The MNPD recommends following their Instagram to stay updated on the standby list and vaccinations in general. Because of other on-location vaccinations, the Standby List will not be operational every day, so make sure to keep tabs on it! In the meantime, stay safe and follow public health protocols. We’re in the home stretch of this thing. And good luck!