Tips for Safe Biking!

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Cycling has been one of the most popular outdoor activities for a long time. Every year more people turn to cycling for fun and exercise because it’s easy for a wide range of people to do regardless of their fitness level. With the weather becoming nice and the outbreak of COVID-19, cycling is a good way to get out of the house while practicing social distancing. In addition there are likely fewer cars on the road which makes it an even better time to get on the bike. However, it is still important that you do everything you can to increase your visibility while riding your bike. Decrease your chances of being in an accident by following these steps: 

Get Bike Lights

Bike lights are essential for anyone that likes to go for a ride at night but they can also increase your visibility during the day. Many cars have daytime running lights because those lights help other drivers see the car from a distance. Bike lights serve the same purpose. If your bike doesn’t have a front light and a rear or brake light, you can have them installed to make sure that you’re as visible as possible when you’re riding your bike. 

Wear A Vest

A safety vest is another essential for anyone that wants to ride a bike. Safety vests are a great way to increase your visibility and they are also inexpensive, lightweight, and can be worn over any type of clothing and in all types of weather. Every cyclist should have at least one safety vest and wear it when they ride. It’s a good idea to have a couple of extras and stash them in your vehicle, in your gym bag, or at your office so that you always have one within reach when you want to go for a ride.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take the Road

You may have a tendency to try to stay in the shoulder to avoid cars, however, that is not always the safest move. Riding in the shoulder can cause a situation where you are stuck between a passing car and the curb. In addition you can face debris that you wouldn’t see on the center of the lane. If you are in the road you become much more visible to the driver and they will only be able to pass when it is clear that it is safe to do so. 

Use More Reflectors

Reflectors are inexpensive and easy to put on your bike – and you probably don’t have enough of them. Most cyclists don’t. Adding more reflectors to your bike will really boost your visibility and make it safer to ride. It’s an easy and cheap fix for a problem that is very serious. It will take just a few minutes to make your bike a lot more visible and that will keep you safer.

Ride During The Day

It can be a pain to rearrange your schedule and get used to riding during the day instead of riding early in the morning or at night but the safety payoff is worth the stress. There is a much bigger chance that you won’t get into an accident when you ride during the day because it’s so much easier for drivers to see a cyclist on the road in the daylight. It may not be your preferred time to ride but the benefit of being more visible makes the inconvenience worth it. 

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