DIY Face Masks: options you probably have at home!


The CDC has started recommending that people wear DIY face masks when going out in public for essential errands. Here are some ways to make your own in order to save medical and surgical face masks for health workers.

The CDC published three types of DIY face masks. The first pattern requires a sewing machine. The last two are “no-sew”. 

Here are some video tutorials on how to make these masks.

Sewn Face Mask

T-Shirt Face Mask

Bandana Face Mask

*Note this tutorial does not include the coffee filter which adds a layer of protection*

It should be noted that these homemade masks are not necessarily as effective as a surgical mask but are still safer than not wearing a mask at all. Typically, the thicker the fabric, the better the protection. But there must be a balance between protection and breathability. For more information on the efficacy of different types of fabrics, check out this article.

Stay safe and stay home.

Contributed by Erin Renfro.