the615: Episode 206 Music City Mayhem Finalists!


Adam and Hammel hosted a very special episode of the615 highlighting our 32 local Music City Mayhem finalists! Check out the entire list below and stay tuned on how to vote for your favorites!

Music City Mayhem

Nduka – “Never Been Scared”
The Gills “Gimme Gimme”
Stagolee “Go”
Birds In The Airport  “Dozing Off”
Andrew Leahey & The Homestead  “Little In Love”
Mountains Like Wax  “Control”
The Daybreaks  “The Machine”
Charlie Abbot  “Sunday”
Kid Freud  “The End”
Kiernan Mcmullan  “I Stayed The Same”
Arrow Kids  “Beautiful Life”
Carey  “You Were Right”
B R U N S  “Buzzards”
Oliver Ocean  “Shallows”
Aprendiz  “Cross The Line”
Floralorix  “Am The One”
Behold The Brave  “Rocky Mountain Strawberry”
Cold Creeks  “Bluebirds”
Kaplan  “Everything”
Somebody’s Darling  “Smoke Blows”
Cody Huggins – “See For Days”
Chapels  “Loose Ends”
K Phillips  “Dirty Wonder”
Paul Phillips Band  “I Want You”
Renn  “King Of California”
The Vegabonds  “Oh My Lord”
Fuente  “The Water”
Rock Eupora  “Love Won’t Last Forever”
The Middle Ground  “Never Needed Me”
Jess Nolan  “My Love”